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Building an Interpreter in Swift

Build your very own programming language interpreter. Learn all about string manipulation, lexical analysis, parsing, and interpreting the code of your very own programing language.

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Machine Learning and Reinforcement Learning in Swift

In this course, we'll implement neural networks and reinforcement learning algorithms and use them to teach our computer how to play a simple video game at human level performance. All implemented from scratch in pure Swift!

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Advanced Swift Course

Come with me for a deep dive into Swift. We'll cover algebraic data types, functional programming, protocols and generics, structs vs classes, property wrappers and result builders, Swift concurrency, and manual memory management with pointers.

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My name is Ahmad Alhashemi, and I'll be your instructor in those courses.

I’ve been coding since I was a kid and now have more than 20 years of coding experience. I started coding in Swift since the day it was released as a developer beta in June 2014 and have fallen in love with the language. I take my programming and computer science very seriously and I'm halfway through a Master's degree in Computer Science at GoergiaTech with a specialization in Machine Learning.

I've been teaching programming online since 1998 and been told that I have a knack for explaining complex concepts well. In my day job, I'm a specialist doctor (an Endocrinologist, if you're curious), and a medical educator with a masters degree in the field of medical education. I teach medical residents and students regularly.

Most importantly, I'm very passionate about teaching. I love taking a complex topic, breaking it down, explaining it, and watching my learners struggle with it for bit until it "clicks". I love seeing my students suddenly feel like they've gained a super-power after grasping a key concept and realizing the many different ways they can put this key concept to use.

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